If you are going to spend your life working, it might as well be doing a job you’re passionate about. It is the dream, isn’t it? Just because you aren’t doing it now, doesn’t mean you never will. If you want to turn your passion into your future, there are many different routes you can take to get there. Figuring out the best route for you to take is the hard part, but once you’re on your way, the rest will come naturally.

Won’t You Lose Passion if You See It As Work?

An age old question with the answer being in your hands. If you do lose passion, it may not have been a true passion to begin with, or you didn’t apply it in a manner in which you could enjoy it. A passion is something that you enjoy all parts of, and you want to learn everything about it. That makes you better at it and a better qualified candidate if you’re an expert on the topic. If you’re always willing to learn and stay fresh on your passions, your job will never get stale.

Start Your Own Business

A big step to take if you’ve never run your own business, but if you have a passion that you never tire of, starting your own business will allow you to do your passion on your own time, and the way you like doing it. This way you are able to take your passion, and carve out your own niche rather than working for someone else’s. A passion can be a drag if you have to do it under someone else’s watch.

You don’t even have to take on the challenge alone; you can choose partners who specialize in different areas of operating a business, so you can focus on the part you’re interested in, while your partners focus on the operations, which may be their passion. You can start small, out of your own home, or you can start big, whatever you’re comfortable with. Once you’re working for yourself, your passions will become the main focus of your career.

Create a Schedule that Leaves Time for Your Passion

Maybe your passion isn’t a sustainable career. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a part of your future. You may not be able to turn your passion into your career, but maybe you can turn your career into something that leaves time for your passion. Your career and passion may be entirely unrelated, but if you’re able to carve out time in your career to allow for your passion, you may find that you are generally satisfied with your life.

Carving time may mean working from home, and the time normally spend commuting becomes time you can work on your passion. Maybe it means working longer hours, but fewer days. Maybe it means finding a job that takes a season off that allows you to engage in what you are passionate about. A career that allows you to still follow your dreams, even if the career isn’t what you’re passionate about, will make for a satisfying work life.

Bring Something New to the Table

If you haven’t dabbled in your passion professionally, it may be intimidating to try to transfer into a job in that field. But chances are what you do already can be applied to your new field, and you have a one up on other people because you both have outside skills, as well as being an expert on the topic of your passion.

While many people seek jobs for companies that they know, more often than not, you find a job in your field that can be at any company. Chances are, there are many people like that who work in the field you want to be in, and you bring more to the table than they do. They found a job with their skill set, and would do it for any variety of fields. You have the skill set and the knowledge of the field.

Let Your Passion Make the Money for You

This is the real dream, where you are paid to do what you love. What skier doesn’t dream about getting paid to ski wearing sponsor gear? What scientist doesn’t dream of the day where they are given a grant to allow them to study what they want, not what the university wants them to study? What auto enthusiast wouldn’t love to be on the test crew who get to test drive new models before they hit the market? The list goes on and on, and you have to pinpoint your passion and how you can get the money that is out there to do it.

Let other people's interest in your passion be what makes you’re the money. Do the research, and figure out ways to do it. If people pay to do what you love doing, then you need to find out how to be on the receiving end of that cash flow, and that will let your passion become your future.

Patience is a Must

In the perfect world, you would wake up tomorrow and have a job that allows you to follow your passion. But that isn’t going to happen. But just because it doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. You’re going to have to work hard for it. You’re going to have to research. You’re probably even going to have to fail a few times, maybe even a few more times after that. But after all that, if you are finally able to wake up one day and let your passion be your future, then it will have been worth it.

The best part about finding your passion in a career is that you’ll be doing something worthwhile, and you’ll feel like you’re doing something for yourself. You aren’t just making money, but you’re living a fulfilled life that allows you to enjoy your passion, while still paying the bills.

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