Don’t confuse fear with risk. Take calculated risks.
The Fear of Choosing What You Want To Do
You don’t have a job description. You wont have a schedule. You need to create a sustain a beneficial work flow based on your skills and your particular traits. You answer to you. Make sure that you hold yourself accountable.

The Fear of Running Out Of Capital
Cash rules everything around you. There are many ways to either generate cashflow or create a brand on a shoestring budget. Either way you choose, do not let money be the reason you don’t follow through!

Working under Little Guidance
You need to choose your directions, set targets and achieve them yourself, which is where doubt creeps into your mind. Therefore, plan a road map for your business before you make any investment. Again, make sure that you hold yourself accountable.

Choosing a Particular Niche
This is a big one. What are you good at? Like, really good at? If you think you’re good at it, take another month and learn more. Become great at it. Whatever you choose to do, you need to compete, treat it like a competition. Take pride in your niche, treat it as a craft. Battle, every single day.

Things Will Get Overwhelming
You will be in it alone. Alone as a team or alone as a solo-preneur. Either way, you are alone. No more running to your boss or manager for help. When things get overwhelming, get overworked. Understand that being overwhelmed as a business is an achievement in itself. You are building on something great. Take a deep breath, push on. Keep building. You got it.

When things get overwhelming, get overworked.

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