Anyone who knows a business knows just how many unexpected issues can arise, and knowing how to react to such situations can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a major crisis. Just like you have a first aid kit stocked in the office in case anyone it is injured, having a “business first aid kit” will help guide you when you encounter something that could theoretically injure your business.

A first aid kit is stocked with tools that can help you recuperate from a variety of different injuries, and a well stocked first aid kit will make for a rapid recovery. The same can be said for your business first aid kit.

Adhesive Bandages
Have a plan in place for when your business suffers a hit, be it financial, reputation, or legal. Know who to turn to and how to stop the bleeding, and have a team prepared. Know that a bandage is a temporary solution to prevent issues from growing.

A bandage can be a public relations team who are familiar with your company, a financial advisor who can make snap decisions, or a lawyer who will have the answers that you may not have. For smaller issues, it can be an internal team prepared to clean up any messes that the company gets itself into.

Antibacterial Ointment
The bandage will give you the time to come up with a permanent solution to your crisis, but your antibacterial ointment will help you to repair the damage and prevent further infection. Knowing that you will need to have a long term recovery plan for the crisis that your business encountered will help you to know how to react after the bandage has been applied.
A permanent solution may be a simple solution, or it may involve reworking a product or marketing scheme. Have the resources available to figure out what this solution may be. That way your company will heal, without having other issues spawning from your original crisis.

There will always be a client or an issue that is a thorn in your side. For that you will need tweezers to remove it. That is a precise way to deal with that particular thorn, and it is important to remember that not every thorn is the same. Just like sometimes a thorn won’t come out, there are some clients you just can’t get rid of fast enough.

Knowing how to deal with different types of people is a precise art, but will ultimately leave you with more satisfied customers. So take the time to locate an issue and work it out, rather than just letting it get under your or your clients’ skin.

You’re going to encounter a lot of pain running a business. Whether they are internal with your employees or external with clients, there are going to be parts of running a business that are just tedious, or necessary evils. Once you have accepted that certain issues won’t go away, or are simply a part of doing business, you’ll be able to deal with them better.

An aspirin is a way that takes away the pain. Maybe you hate doing payroll, and the outdated software used for it doesn’t help. Payroll is a necessity, but is there a new program you can use to make it easier and less painful? Look for the headaches around your office and figure out how the aspirin in your first aid kit can help.

Hydrocortisone Cream
There are going to be issues that arise as a result of a bad reaction. A bad reaction to a social media post, an advertising campaign, or even your product in general. Allergic reactions spread quickly, but can be stopped in their tracks with hydrocortisone cream. Your business hydrocortisone cream is a plan in place to deal with such reactions, and letting yourself be Icy Hot instead will only exacerbate your issues.

Don’t let bad reactions ruin your reputation, and not just from your clients. You responding with a poor reaction to negativity will hurt your business just as bad, if not worse than a customer having a bad reaction. Keep the cream on it, and you won’t have bad reaction. Don’t fuel the burn, extinguish it.

A thermometer will help you to gauge the temperature of your surroundings and to test the waters. If you are able to accurately determine how hot an issue is, you’ll be able to prioritize each crisis so you can determine what measure to take to remedy it.

Some issues will be hot, and some will be cool. Identifying these hot buttons before they escalate will put you on top of the game and leave you well poised to anticipate upcoming issues before they become issues. A thermometer in your business first aid kit is key to stopping a fever in its tracks.

Cold Compress
Know when to keep your cool and to chill out. You’re going to encounter problems with clients, customers, your product, your finances, your employees and just about everything. If you just let yourself step back, chill out and cool down, you may find that such problems aren’t as bad as you thought.

When you have cooled down, you’ll be able to better communicate and react to a situation that may arise. It is much easier to tackle a problem when you have a clear mind, and cooling down with the “cold compress” will keep egos from swelling, and minimize pain and headaches. A regular dose of a chill pill will have the same effect.

Sometimes, you just have to cut your losses. Having scissors in your business first aid kit will help you to remind you when you have a failed endeavor or a bad relationship with a client. You can’t win them all, and gearing yourself with that knowledge will remind you of that.

Scissors will also remind you that not all customers are cut out for your product or service. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to appeal to all clients. Cut out your own niche and appeal to those who want your product.

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