There are new trends, products, business practices and programs constantly emerging into the world of business. Staying relevant through such turbulence and upward mobility is a must if you have any interest in being a successful member of your industry. If you stay the same while everything around you grows, you’re going to get left behind really fast.

Staying relevant isn’t for the lazy. Staying relevant takes work and the willingness to constantly evolve just like the business climate around you. If you really want to stay relevant and not be replaced by a newer model, you’d better get your butt in gear and learn how to be relevant.

  • Recognize the Importance of Staying Relevant: Some people might feel like they just simply aren’t cut out for staying relevant. Whether your skills are so fine tuned, or you reject change adamantly, staying relevant means the difference between advancing your career and staying in the same spot forever. It means the difference between having a job and not. Staying relevant is a must, regardless of your opinion on an evolving work setting.
  • Be Aware Of What’s Changing: Staying relevant means you have to be aware that change is inevitable and can happen at any time. Pay attention to the atmosphere of your industry, and know what areas will be the most likely to change. That way you’ll be best able to identify the changes that may occur and diagnose how they will impact you and your career. Keeping your eye on the horizon will allow you to identify future changes and plan for them before they arise.
  • Take Any Opportunities You Are Given to Enrich Your Knowledge: In order to remain relevant, you must be valuable to your team. Offer them something they don’t know. Do this by continuing your education in your field whenever you can. Take classes, go to conferences, do whatever you can to remain valuable, and by the same accord stay relevant in your field. By being as educated and knowledgeable about all there is to know about your industry, nothing you encounter will throw you off course.
  • Stay Current with Industry Trends: Even if your particular job isn’t advancing at the moment, there are others in your industry who are on the upward climb. Watch these trends and remain familiar with them. Knowing what goes on around you will help you to remain valuable and relevant. As you observe trends around you, you’ll be able to properly gauge how they will impact your business.
  • Don’t Get Stuck In a Rut: It can be easy to stay with what you know, and to stay within your comfort zone. In doing so, you get so focused on your particular job that you aren’t aware of what else is happening. You get tunnel vision on what you can do, so if anything changes you won’t have the skills that can help with the transition. If you’re stuck in a rut, you’re not going to be able to remain relevant when the business climate evolves.
  • Embrace Change as it Comes Along: You may not want to accept change, but it is inevitable so you might as well embrace it as it occurs. Accept it and it will be much easier to transition into the new factors it brings along with it. If you are able to accept that change is happening be able to better understand it and thus remain valuable and relevant.
  • Watch For New Opportunities: Be on the lookout for a new opportunity that can help you advance in your career. The more you have under your belt, the more valuable you’ll be wherever the tides take you. Opportunities can present themselves in many different ways, so always watch for an opportunity to present itself. Take it on when you can and do it to the best of your ability.
  • Apply Existing Skills to New Scenarios: Many skills are easily transitional throughout different careers, jobs, and climates. Remember that despite the climate changing, there are going to be certain skills that can be applied to any jobs that arise. Your skills can be transitioned into wherever your career takes you. Weather the skills to help you learn new things. So many people fail to recognize that change isn’t always as drastic as it may initially seem. Taking what you already know and applying it to a new scenario can make a new scenario seem far more familiar. You maintain relevancy when you’re able to effectively apply your skills.
  • Stay Positive When Change Occurs: Change isn’t always going to be welcome. It may in fact be quite unwelcome. That will not change the fact that it is present, so rather than negatively embracing it, try to stay positive. The positive people are the ones who will see opportunities, learn new things and remain relevant despite a changing horizon. Positivity can help you to accept the changes and find the silver lining of whatever cloud surrounds you.
  • Be Able to Recognize the Trends That Will Stay Relevant: It can be quite obvious when a trend is short sighted. Investing yourself, your career or your business into a short sighted trend will make you irrelevant faster than not investing yourself into an emerging trend. Have the farsightedness enough to recognize a shortsighted idea and you’ll be able to recognize the ideas that come along that will be lasting.
Staying relevant is key to moving forward with your career and your business. As soon as you lose relevancy, you lose the value you have to your industry, your company or your personal career. Remaining valuable is the key to remaining relevant.

As the business climate changes, anyone who wants to remain valuable will change too. Whether changing your attitude, changing the way you apply your skills, or changing what you already know, you’ll have to tools to stay relevant. Change will come, but you don’t have to let it change how relevant you are.

Powered by Marion Fernandez & The Galiano Group Writing Team.