You hear about it in the news all the time, the people who win the lottery and think they have it all — only to piss away their winnings and be worse off than they were before. It’s a sad situation, and while many of us say it would never happen to us, in the world of success it happens more often than you’d think. A person becomes successful, doesn’t realize success isn’t an endpoint, and ends up failing.

Success, to many, is a permanent status. Once you have attained it, you will always maintain it. They are correct, if, of course, they recognize that maintaining it is constant work. Unfortunately, there are many people who didn’t think that “once successful” isn’t the same as being a success.

If you want to stay successful, you must know that success can be fleeting, and success can be temporary. Success is fluid and success must be worked towards.

Recognizing Losing Success is Necessary to Staying Successful
If you are able to recognize that success can be fleeting, you’re a step ahead of the fifteen minutes of fame folks who thought that they would never lose their success. They didn’t realize that being known as “once successful” really didn’t have the same ring and charm as someone who is currently maintaining their success.

If you hadn’t realized it before, hopefully you’re realizing it now. Wouldn’t you rather your child introduce you to their friends as the successful lead singer of the local rock band, rather than the once successful lead singer, leaving their friends scratching their heads and pretending to know who the hell you are?

When you are still at the success phase you have to be aware of when your success is changing, and be aware of what you need to do in order to stay successful.

Repeat this: Success is only permanent if I make it permanent.

It Takes Constant Work to be a True Success
Unlike getting older, success doesn’t happen on its own, and it doesn’t stick around unless you make sure you work hard to maintain your success.

Just because you’re successful one year doesn’t mean you will be next year. You have to work hard and climb towards the top in order to continue growing accomplishments.

Those who truly want to be successful will be the ones who put the time and effort into always maintaining their success. Those who climb and just sit there at the top of the ladder are going to get left behind when the next guy comes along with a way to get higher. Everyone might have the same height ladder, but those who want to keep climbing after they get to the top are the ones who will maintain their success.

Some people get cocky once they’ve achieved success, too, and they end up not just being left behind when others continue to climb toward success, but falling below where they were before. Once they get cocky they stop trying as hard towards continued success.

What Worked Ten Years Ago May Not Work Today
Part of being successful is recognizing that what made you a success in the past may not make you a success again. In order to stay successful you have to keep your eyes towards the horizon. Look for new trends and watch as your industry evolves.

Being aware of how the industry evolves and trends as they emerge is vital to maintaining success. If you are the first one to introduce a new product, you’ll be the name associated with it. Ten years ago you may have been successful by calling your clients to let them know you’d be arriving on a service call within the hour, but now if your competitors offer an app with the real time service location of their reps, they’re going to be the successful one in the business.

Stay relevant if you want to stay successful. Stay current and know when it’s time to mix things up.

Feedback can be Your Recipe for Constant Success
There is one resource you have that can help you towards your continued success that doesn’t even take that much work. Feedback. Recognizing valuable feedback and utilizing it can help to maintain success.

Feedback will help you learn just what your clients need, your strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement. If you can see these helpful tips and utilize them, you will be well on your way towards constant success.

Your customers will be the first to tell you when a product that once met their needs no longer works for them, and by paying close attention to their needs you’ll find maintaining success to be much easier than it would otherwise.

You Can be Successful at Many Things
Success is an evolution. Constantly seeking success even after you’ve achieved it will help you stay successful. In doing so, you may even recognize that you are a success at not only what you originally succeeded at, but at many new and interesting endeavors.

There are many successful high school football stars who go on to be successful salesmen, and successful doctors who in retirement become successful writers. Truly successful people seek success in all they do, from their personal lives to their personal health and their careers.

These are the types of people who never stop succeeding because they know success is work. They want to stay successful and be successful in all they do. Success comes in many forms and can be achieved from many different routes.

Staying successful after becoming successful is work. Staying successful after becoming successful is necessary. Success is a constant endeavor. Once you’ve recognized this, you’ll be one step closer to constant success. And just like the people who win the lottery and invest wisely in their future with their winnings, those who win at success and don’t blow it will also invest in their futures. Spend your success wisely and you will maintain the status.

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