There are songs about pretty much everything. From love and heartbreak to drinking and dancing to traveling the world, just about every facet of life can be experienced through music and voices singing about living.

Many songs are even about the trials and tribulations of the work day, but even so there are pearls of wisdom hidden in lyrics and titles of songs that can actually help you to improve your business. While such songs may not specifically be about business, they still offer plenty of lessons to learn.

The next time you’re listening to the radio or cuing up your favorite playlist, listen for the tidbits hidden in the lyrical genius of musicians of all genres. Here are a few songs in no particular order that may just get those business gears moving in your head.

Taking Care of Business- Bachman Turner Overdrive
Needing little introduction, it should come as no surprise that Taking Care of Business starts the list. If you’re running a business, it’s your job to make sure it is well cared for. From your employees, to your equipment and your building, if you don’t take care of it, it won’t work for you. If upgrades are needed, or revisions to policies, whatever the case, make sure you are caring for your business. Take care of your business, and it will take care of you.

It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere- Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson makes a good case for the importance of vacation, and how you mustn’t let yourself become overworked. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself being overworked and something tall and strong won’t cut the muster. Many companies instill a fear in their employees to not use their vacation time. This is bad for business.

Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top
They say you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have, but regardless, you should dress appropriately for your setting. Would you trust a mechanic in a business suit? Likewise, would you trust a banker in sweatpants? Every client will be crazy about a sharp dressed (wo)man, as long as you’re offering the right first impression of your business to them.

Thrift Shop- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
When it comes to running a business, it is important to know when to be thrifty and when to not. There are certain areas you should save money, in which case thriftiness is a virtue, but you must also recognize that there are areas where it is worth it for your business to spend the extra money. Not everything has to be extravagant, and be sure to weigh your options before making a large financial decision.

How Do You Like Me Now- Toby Keith/ Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
There will always be naysayers no matter what your business or dreams, but there is no reason to let them get you down. As long as you stay dedicated to your cause and work hard with a goal in mind, it won’t be long before you’re singing “How do you like me now” to the haters who didn’t think you’d make it.

Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey
On a similar note, you should never stop believing in yourself or in what you want to accomplish. You may just start small or come from seemingly nowhere, but if you continue to believe that your business will succeed, you’ll have a much easier time than someone who expects failure. So raise your chin up, set your goals, and then knock them down as you continue to meet and exceed them.

Money- Pink Floyd
While you probably have a passion, or at least a feigned interest in your business, the real reason most people work is the money. Making wise financial decisions will not only reward you generously, it will make the foundation of your business stronger, attract quality employees and prevent a lot of stress. And, as Liza Minelli chimed in… money makes the world go ‘round.

Safety Dance- Men at Work
With a name like Men at Work, it comes as no surprise that they can offer many pearls of wisdom in a seemingly silly dance song. First and foremost, workplace safety is no joke, so it is important to make sure that you are up to date on all safety standards to keep your employees and customers safe. It is also important to surround yourself with like minded business partners who want to work towards a common goal. And dance parties are always encouraged.

I Fought the Law- The Clash
The law will usually win, unfortunately, which is why it is so important to stay current on regulations, laws and rules surrounding your industry. Don’t fight it; just do your best to not break the law to begin with. Prepare yourself legally to run a business, so one greedy customer doesn’t figure out a way to slap you with a lawsuit or any other such drain of money and resources.

Heigh Ho- Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
When you decided to go into business, you probably didn’t expect to be taking advice from some mine-working dwarves, but Snow White’s team certainly had an admirable work ethic. Not only do they show up at work with a positive attitude, they recognize the importance of working hard at work and playing hard at night. Your mental health will thank you for leaving work at work and truly allowing yourself to relax after a long day’s work.

Bad Reputation- Joan Jett
Joan may not give a damn about her bad reputation, but you’d better if you want to boast a successful business. Reputation is huge, as is word of mouth reputation. It is vital for your company to be known for what you want it to be known as, not a reputation spread by displeasing the wrong client. When it comes to reputation, don’t let an unhappy customer or disgruntled employee put your name on the line. Know the best way to react to such things, and you’ll be better off for it.

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