‎It’s like peanut butter & jelly, or in my case, spaghetti & meatballs; the right combination can prove masterful. It’s intuition vs. intelligence. As an entrepreneur, you need to be intelligently stupid. ‎You need to have the capacity of making decisions on a whim, based on intuition and a gut feeling that may at times go against everything you’ve ever learned in any classroom or book.

Hunger is at the core of every entrepreneur, the driving force behind decision making, the inability of having what you set out to do go unfinished or finished with an unfavorable outcome. Strategy is a predetermined plan based on predetermined situations. Unfortunately in this world, absolutely nothing is predetermined. This is not to say that you should not have a plan or strategy and blindly jump in without knowing what you are getting into. This is to say, you should not live and die by a strategy, some of the very best decisions you will make will come from an inkling rather then a well thought out plan.

In my experiences, I have met aspiring business owners who spend month after month developing a strategy for their business, a road map and a plan. That’s great, but do not let yourself get in the way of putting that plan into play. Hesitation will only eat away at your hunger. The way you finish may be the same way you invisioned when you first started, but the road you took to get there, will be different.

Hunger is the midnight thought, that turned into the 1:30AM insomnia and 2:00AM coffee. Hunger can be the most powerful feeling, use that feeling as a tool. Never let you hunger be outweighed by strategy or lead you blind, if you find the right combination it can prove masterful.

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