Lessons in content marketing that can make a world of difference in your business
Content marketing is a buzz phrase that everyone knows they should utilize in their marketing strategy, but aren’t always quite sure how to incorporate. For those who want the cold hard definition, content marketing is a “type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.”

Many companies may have the concept of videos, blogs and posts down, but often they are obvious promotions of a product or brand. If a company is able to successfully utilize content marketing, their brand will become well known, without outright promoting of their brand. You negate the concept of shady salesman by just gaining positive exposure through content marketing.

For example, if you sell bicycles, you could share a post about the features of your best bicycle. Standard product promotion. Sure — it will work to get the point across, but if that’s all you do, people are going to lose interest. With content marketing, you may share an article about the health benefits of cycling, a video taken on a GoPro by someone riding your bike, and a podcast about the weird things one of your employees encountered on his bike ride to work. Your brand gains publicity because you’re sharing interesting content.

These are the types of lessons that make your business not just known for its product, but known for interesting topics that surround it. Gain trust by gaining interest in what you have to offer.

Lesson 1: Make it Worth Their While
Blogs, videos, and SEO articles are a dime a dozen, and anyone can create them. But not all content marketing pieces are created equally. If you’re going to the trouble to create content, go the extra mile to make it worthwhile.

Knowing the difference between just creating content and creating content that brings interest to your product and your brand, is what sets content marketing apart from just plain old content. Effective content marketing interests your audience without them feeling like they are receiving a sales pitch.

Not only that, but content that raises interest because you’re providing fascinating information, rather than just trying to raise interest in your product makes a difference in the perception people have of your product. Let your articles provide such valuable information that people then seek you out to learn more about who you are and what you offer.

Lesson 2: People are Lazy
There are tons of ways to get your content out there to your audience, but people are primarily lazy. You may have an excellent article filled with fascinating and important information, but if it requires a twenty minute commitment to read, chances are it’s not going to go viral.

Aside from people being lazy, they’re always in a rush. They want to scroll to the next fact, engage in a new conversation, move on. They may spend twenty minutes scrolling through social media, but they’re not going to dedicate that time to reading an article.

How to combat this? Provide your content in an easy way. Take the key points from your article and present it in a visually appealing and quick way. Listicles and infographics are your best friends. They highlight the most important parts and make it into an easy to digest and easy to share piece of content marketing. From there anyone who wants further information can read the original article, but for the lazy folks you’ll have an easy read.

Lesson 3: Let Your Website Work In Your Favor
In this day and age, your website is one of your biggest assets, so make sure you use it wisely. Provide more than just the basics of your brand and product, utilize lesson 1. Create a place that people go because it is interesting, it isn’t just a sales pitch.

Your website can be a valuable resource where people turn when they want to learn about your products and services, but in a way that enriches their life when they learn it. If they buy your product, that’s a bonus, but the more traffic you receive the better known your name becomes.

Keep your content fresh, and keep it interesting. Utilize different channels to gain interest from different demographics. Share content that people will want to read, that they will want to send to their friends and colleagues, and that will ultimately have your brand gain a positive reputation without outright promoting what you have to offer.

Lesson 4: Appeal to (Most of) the Senses
Well, most of is a general term. Utilize many different channels in content marketing. Let people hear your story through podcasts. Content marketing doesn’t just have to be used visually, target your audience through other senses.

Most content marketing strategies overlook hearing in favor of vision. Podcasts are an often overlooked tool, because blogs are so plentiful and in theory they offer a similar service. Podcasts beat blogs in the fact that they can be listened to rather than read, so people can listen to them during times when they might not otherwise be able to dedicate time to reading. You’re able to get your name and your content out there while people are commuting, while they are engaging in hobbies, and any time when they might otherwise listen to music.

When it comes to visual content marketing, you aren’t limited to reading blogs and articles. Visual can be art, photos, and videos. With social media and websites, sharing such pieces can be a great way to have your name and content spread quickly and virally.

These things can also appeal to the other senses, videos and recipes can make your audience hungry, and “taste” the flavor of your brand. Food videos are wildly popular, and make people want to create meals that will then be associated with your brand.

Powered by Marion Fernandez & The Galiano Group Writing Team.