When it comes to knowing your industry, some people choose to master their specific industry while others prefer to know enough about various skills to be known as a jack of all trades. There are certainly benefits to both, and which works better for your business can depend on your industry and your skill set.

A jack of all trades has a lot to offer a lot of different prospective clients. Cast a wide net and you’ll likely catch more fish, but are they the fish you want? Being a master of your trade means you’re able to target a specific demographic. With this specific demographic are you missing out on clients that could benefit from your services by not offering enough? There are benefits to both, and figuring out which works best with your industry will help you to provide a solid service or product.

You Won’t Spread Yourself Too Thin Being an Industry Master
Being an industry master means that you’ll be able to dedicate your time and career to being the best you can be in your specific business. You’ll always be on top of news, trends, and advancements in your industry. If you are a landscaper, your clients will come to you if they want the most lush gardens and green grass. Clients will know you for your skills.

By garnering this knowledge, you won’t have to worry about having your hand in too many different projects or fields. Doing so can result in stretching your resources and not always being present in a particular area. If you’re able to master your industry, you will have all the knowledge your clients need about your specific industry. You’ll be the best at what you do, and your work will show it.

You Won’t Isolate Potential Clients by Being a Jack of All Trades
By knowing a lot about various different fields, or many different sectors of a particular industry, you will be able to offer your services to a wider demographic of clients. They are able to contact you for a variety of their needs. If you are a landscaper who also does hardscaping, your clients for one service will contact you when they need the second service. They’ll know you and know your skills. Rather than calling another company when they have a particular need, they’ll call you.

By having all of these things going on, you’ll likely be working on many different projects at the same time, and have many different clients. Being a Jack of All Trades appeals to many different people when they want to stay loyal to a company they know and trust.

An Industry Master Will Be a Valuable Resource to Clients about the Industry
As a Master of your industry, you will be a valuable resource because all of your resources are dedicated to improving your skills and services. You’ll most likely have state of the art equipment and technology, and you’ll know everything there is to know about what your business offers.

By mastering your industry, when people think of said industry, they’ll think of your company. They’ll come to you with questions, and you’ll become a trusted name in your field. This sets you apart from a Jack of All Trades. The people who come to you will be the people who want the best, know what they want and want knowledge unlike any other.

A Jack of All Trades Will Be a Valuable Resource for Various Needs
By offering many different services by being a Jack of All Trades, when people aren’t sure who to turn to in regards to a specific need, they’ll probably turn to you. They will need you to guide them towards the answers they want and need, and then you’ll be the one to provide the services or product.

Working with people who aren’t quite sure what they want or need can be a little more difficult than those who have specific needs, but there are a lot more people who can benefit from your services. This means you’ll likely have a wider variety of clients who come to your company when they need a variety of services or products.

Master Your Industry but Be Willing to Advance with Changes
Being an Industry Master is a great responsibility, and means you have a specific niche of clients. This means that you have to be willing to advance with your industry, and change gears if things look like they are going south. You want to make sure you have longevity in your industry, and don’t just master a passing trend.

Know not just your industry in the present, know the history of it, and know what lies for it in the future. Find a way to stay relevant or to evolve as technology advances, and new trends become more prevalent. This way you’ll stay in the game, and clients will know who to turn to when they need the most up to date information about your industry.

Be a Jack of All Trades but Know What You Don’t Know
Being a Jack of All Trades comes with great responsibility to know it all. People turn to you when they need to know something about an area they don’t know. But you have to also recognize that you can’t feasibly always have all the answers. Don’t invest in new resources for an area you actually don’t know about. Don’t let your clients believe you know something about an area you don’t actually know.

Being able to recognize that you don’t know something will give you the credibility to your clients that the things you do know about are actually areas in which you are skilled. There is wisdom in knowing that you don’t actually know everything, and that will bode well for the Jack of All Trades. You can still be a Jack of All Trades even if technically that doesn’t include all trades.

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