They say that good things come to those who wait. And such good things do come, in time, to some of those who wait. But when it comes to good things, wouldn’t you rather have them for a longer period of time? Why wait? People wait because it is told that patience is a virtue. Impatience is considered an unpleasant quality, and has a negative connotation. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time impatience makes the list of virtues.

Why should impatience be a virtue? Because those who are impatient don’t wait around for their dreams to come true. They don’t wait for things to happen, they make them happen. When they have questions, they seek the answers. If they need something done, they make sure it is done. Impatience can make things happen. Stop being so polite and let impatience take the steering wheel for a little while.

Those who are impatient are eager
Following your dreams requires a certain level of impatience. We all have dreams we’d like to come true, and we’ve been told that dreams require patience. Dreams don’t happen just overnight. They may not happen immediately, but those who are impatient are the ones who don’t sit around and wait for their hopes and goals to be accomplished. The unwillingness to wait for dreams to come true is a virtue.

These are the people who take the steps necessary to ensure these dreams come true. They are in complete control of their lives. They take the reins and make sure that they go to bed each night knowing they did everything in their power that day to ensure that they are one step closer to dreams that become reality.

In such a scenario, impatience is a motivator. A synonym of impatience that is often overlooked is eagerness. Being eager for your dreams to come true and your goals to be met is certainly a virtue that many ignore in favor of being patient and waiting for their dreams to magically come true on their own. Those who have dreams that they truly want to come true, they must have the restless desire to make sure that such dreams will come true.

Those who are impatient are persistent
When you have questions, impatience gives you answers. Typically in the case of needing answers, in order to have the best results, they must be a rapid. But so often in business, once someone reaches out to find an answer, the ball leaves their court until someone else follows up on it. This isn’t a good way of finding answers, and can stretch out the process longer than it needs to be.

This is when impatience manifests itself as persistence, and in the business world persistence gives you the answers you need. Persistence gives you the drive to move to another source when you’re unable to receive the answer you need from your first source. Answers come to those who reach out and actively find them.

Persistence not only applies to finding answers, but to growing your business, to finding the best employees, to becoming the best that you can possibly be. If you’re persistent, you’ll be able to find new clients, and most valuable employees.

There is a fine line between persistence and annoyance, so be sure your impatience works towards accomplishing things you want rather than making people give in to your behavior because they are annoyed.

Those who are impatient are motivated
Impatience provides a kick in the ass that those who embody patience don’t have. Being impatient provides a motivation that those who are patient don’t have. It’s easy to slip from patience into laziness. When you sit and wait for something to happen, it can easily turn into the comfort of the wait. If you’re comfortable during the wait, you may have no motivation to ever leave that space.

When you are impatient, you’re not willing to stand around and wait. You’re going to have the motivation to do whatever it is that will better you situation. Motivation is the key to succeeding in your business, in your life, or in your relationships. Those who live life from the passenger seat will be the people who miss opportunities, and who watch the world pass them by. The impatient person takes the wheel and steers life in the direction they want it to go.

Those who are impatient are resolute
Those who are impatient aren’t easily walked all over. When opportunity arises, a patient person can become a pushover. The go getters are the ones who will be given the opportunity, while the patient person is often overlooked. Some people get by alright being patient, but those who are impatient have the resolution to move ahead.

If you have an opportunity to move ahead in your company, the person who is impatient in their current role is going to be the one who moves ahead, while the patient person may easily be forgotten about. It applies to many different scenarios.

Impatience can be defined as the eager desire for change, and the intolerance of anything that thwarts, delays, or hinders. Those who not only want to see change, but eagerly desire it are more likely to make it happen than those who patiently await it to happen. Those who not only dislike delays, but are intolerant of them, are going to be the ones who don’t experience delays. These people, the impatient ones of the world, are the ones who are going to make sure their dreams come true, that no opportunity is missed and that nothing will get in the way between them and the change they seek.

Makes patience being a virtue seem a little lazy doesn’t it? Why sit around and wait for things to happen the way you want them to? Why not make sure they happen in such a way? That is how impatience can truly be a virtue unlike its patient counterpart.

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