Ecommerce has shaped modern shopping. Changed are the days of browsing shops to find the perfect item. Shopping is now a Google search in advance of major purchases to do research to find reviews and ratings, find the best price, and which store will offer the best packages and deals. For those who are running online shops know just how important ecommerce is, and how your online storefront is just as important, if not more important than your brick and mortar storefront.

Sure, people still shop in stores, but it is in conjunction with online shopping. It is a package deal, and if people can’t find your website or it looks like it was created ten years ago, they’re probably not going to be interested in what you have to offer. Knowing what is on trend will help your online store stay in the sights of shoppers and help you have a foot in the door for blowing 2018 out of the water.

Letting the Professionals Help Develop your Name
For those familiar with the game, Shopify and Minion Made are lifesavers for bringing your online store to life. You have the shop, and they help to develop it. Platforms like Shopify help to design your website and make it into a functioning and secure shop. These platforms are trusted partners for shops across the world, and help take a concept and make it real.

Pairing such platforms with developers such as Minion Made is what really sets your site apart in 2018. It’s one thing to have an online shop, but if you don’t have any development behind it who help your online experience stand out, then you’re just another 2017 online store. Utilizing different resources in conjunction with one another will help you to create not just an online store, but your brand as a whole.

Online Stores that Replicate the Tactile Approach to Shopping
While many people appreciate and utilize the convenience of online shopping, for certain things it can be hard to shop for without touching them and seeing them in person. In fact, some people miss this experience so much that brands that began as online only have built brick and mortar stores for people to visit and experience the whole shopping experience.

For your ecommerce site to really stand out in 2018, it has to offer something that the other sites don’t. Make your brand stand out by giving people the best of both worlds. Let people experience your store like they would in person. Let them feel like they are browsing through a store, not navigating through a website. Give them a memorable and unique experience. Sure, many sites have dabbled in this. They offer free returns, but it’s the ones that make it hassle free that stand out. Concepts that make the shopping experience both real and convenient are the ones that stand out.

Consumers Want a Personalized Experience
Shopping and buying isn’t just spending money. It’s an experience. And now more than ever, people want a personalized experience. And this doesn’t just mean targeted ads, because realistically people hate them and hate how much advertising creeps into their private lives. People want to feel like they are important, and not just another consumer in the sea of spending money.

This can be done in many different ways, from simple, like a handwritten thank you note for buying their product- like the popular pet supply company Chewy offers, to more in depth, like customized shops within a shop based on your interests and past purchases. No one wants to buy a baby shower gift and then be inundated with emails and suggestions from their favorite sites for baby products. Figure out ways to know your customers in order to give them a personalized and appropriate experience.

Emails Are Changing
Email was at a time, an exciting and innovative way to share information. For many people, emails have become a hassle because they receive so much junk mail following a purchase they made. Do something that sets your emails apart in a flood of mail that gets deleted, unopened. Emails cost very little to send, and when done right, can be an easy way to sell your product.
Some sites are dabbling in purchases made directly from an email. Of course, emails are typically designed to drive traffic to your website, but people are onto this and want to do things quickly, and easily. If you’re able to provide a service that simplifies someone’s life in 2018, you’ll be successful in the world of ecommerce.

Take the Amazon Dash button, an in home, physical button that people can press to reorder commonly used items. This concept can be applied to an email, for a product a person is familiar with and uses often. If they already know the product, they don’t need to do the background on it before making a purchase. So a quick email reminder that says “you may be running low on toothpaste, buy now” is an easy and quick way to make a quick sale. Not only this, they’ll have a more personalized experience.

Make Your Product the Standout when Consumers are Doing Recon
As mentioned above, people like to do their research before they buy a product, so if you aren’t already researching yourself, you’d better start. Put yourself in the shoes of your target demographic, and make the information they need to know readily available and easy to find. No one wants to scroll through all the fine print to see warranties or reviews. If people can’t find what they want within a few seconds of visiting your site, chances are they will move on. Don’t let that happen anymore in 2018.

Looking at what you have to offer from a different perspective can help you to create the best version of your brand. Give people a reason to shop with you, if you can’t offer the best price, offer the best return policy. Set yourself apart from the rest and you will be a success in 2018.

Powered by Marion Fernandez & The Galiano Group Writing Team.