There are times in our lives when the stars align in just the wrong way, and happiness is hard to find while wading through the crappiness that surrounds you. All too many times, dissatisfaction in the workplace can be a main contributing factor to the general crappiness that surrounds your life, and unfortunately it can be hard to leave it at the door when you clock out and head home for the day. But it’s possible, despite having a shitty situation at work, to still find happiness in the world around you.

Sometimes you just may be going through a rough patch. Sometimes your rough patch may become a way of life. But whatever the case is, there are ways to work through it, and find the things that can make you happy, or if nothing else, less miserable than you were otherwise.

The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
Despite their size, the little things can actually make a big difference in the hell you call your work day. Brighten your office with a plant, or decorate your walls with photos of memories that will brighten your day. Taking your workspace from bland to fun can at least remind you of the happiness you have outside the four squishy walls of your cubicle. Even picking out brightly colored sticky notes or pens can make a difference.

Speaking of outside, make time to enjoy it each day. During your lunch break or just to stretch your legs after your mid-afternoon coffee, take a stroll outside. Whether you have the time to fit in a mile or two at lunch, or just five minutes to breath in the fresh air while you bring out the garbage, being outside will help you clear your mind and remind you that work isn’t the end all. It will also help to break up your day and give you something to look forward to between all the hassles of the work day.

Whatever the case, these little things can help break up the monotony of the day. They’re those little things that brighten the day. While they may not make your job the job of your dreams, it will at least make it tolerable and make your days just that much better.

Learn How to Leave Work at the Door
All too many people can’t leave work at work, and their misery at work spreads like poison into their home life. It can be hard, and of course to some extent the people outside of your workplace will want to know how your day went. It’s not to say you can’t discuss work outside of work, but set boundaries. If your job allows, don’t check your email from home, and don’t answer work calls unless vital to your position.

If you can’t fix a work problem from home, there’s no sense dwelling on it while you’re there. Figure out a way to separate yourself from work. Whether it’s by doing yoga, reading a book, or screaming your face off in your car on your way home, whatever you can do to separate yourself from work when you’re not there, figure it out. Just because you’re miserable eight hours per day, doesn’t mean you have to be miserable all your waking hours.

Grow Your Passions Outside of Work
The happiness in your life outside of work can make up for the crappiness that happens during the nine to five. If you aren’t able to live out your passions while at work, then do what you can to have the passion outside of work. If you have a hobby or talent, pursue your passion that way. Take lessons, learn a few hobbies, start a blog. Do whatever it takes to find happiness outside of the work place.

No matter what happens at work, don’t let it take away from your true passions. There are many different paths you can take to pursue this, whether by reading books, utilizing your vacation time and time off to its full potential will help you feel like you are also living to your true potential. It will be much easier to find happiness.

Letting Off Some Steam Clears Your Head
Venting in an appropriate setting can be good for your mental health. Whether it’s with wine and a good book, an anonymous blog on the internet or a good old fashioned pen and pencil, letting off steam about your work day is good for your health. It keeps things from building up and growing to proportions in your mind that are much worse than your actual reality. And if you’re able to take it to pen and paper and write it down, you can clear your mind of the negativity that your work day brought.

However you choose to do it, be wise and don’t do it in a way that could jeopardize your career. But find the way that works for you, and do it whenever the crappiness of your day seems to be overflowing. You’ll find that a good vent session does wonders for the soul.

Remember That This is Temporary
If work is typically good, and you’re going through a rough patch, just remember that brighter days will come. If this is the norm for a day at work, remember that you have the power to better yourself and find a job that doesn’t take such a serious toll on your mental health. Whatever the case, remember that this isn’t permanent. That there is happiness out there, and you either have to find it, or it will come back to you as tides change in your workplace.

Whatever the case, knowing that there is joy to be found, and that the small things really can make a difference will make your situation all the more tolerable. And you’ll look back one day, recognizing that you came out stronger because of the crappiness you endured in a less than ideal work situation. That will make it easier to recognize there is happiness to be found.

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